Business Casual - Siblings

Business Casual

“My brother is clearly prepared for his Skype interview”

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The Tucking - Couples

The Tucking

“My wife asked me to tuck her in before I left for work.”

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The Toddler Years - Kids

The Toddler Years

“Most accurate cover art ever.”

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Con Man - Kids

Con Man

“I found this hidden under my 11 year-old son’s bed today.”

To make this young man’s genius easier to read, we’ve translated below:

Do not say if you’re bored.
Say, “I’m hungry.”Go pretend to use the bathroom.
Ask an unknowing parent to go somewhere.
Proclaim tiredness.
If leaving, do not wear things or do things that will make the knowing parent suspicious.

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Sugar and Spice - Kids

Sugar and Spice

“Some little girls don’t like family photos.”

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Fairytale Wedding - Wedding

Fairytale Wedding

“Friend posted this wedding pic. Didn’t know he married a mythological beast.”

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Revenge Of The Aunt - Behind The Awkwardness

Revenge Of The Aunt

“In 1983, my mom and my aunt got in a huge fight. In retaliation, my aunt bought me this for my birthday.”

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Recreating The Awkwardness - Recreations

Recreating The Awkwardness

“My sister and I couldn’t resist. My dad and uncle hoped this photo was long dead.”

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