funny pregnancy picture, crying baby


At least they gave her 26 weeks.

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funny father son picture, valentines day

Be Our Valentine

“We took a similar photo for his Mom in 1985 when he was 1 year-old (not included here). Young man was a good sport with his dad.”

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funny vacation picture

Confessions Of A Mother

“Every vacation, I make my family do some kind of photo that I know they will hate or will be embarrassed to do.”

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funny old school picture

Three Amigos


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Vulcan Elementary - School Photos

Vulcan Elementary

While others were doing “The Rachel,” Heather was doing “The Spock.”

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funny senior picture, juggler

Get Juggle With It

Never dropped a pin.

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funny kid pictures, gold balloon boy

Yellow Balloon

Just another glamour shot for the shelf.

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funny siblings picture, awkward bathing suit

Pink Floyd

“This is what happens in my family if you forget your swimsuit.”

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