Collision Course - Mom & Dad

Collision Course

The first moment my mom and dad met 35 years ago, when they collided while playing volleyball.

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Family Gets Creative With Daughter’s Eyepatch - Lists

Family Gets Creative With Daughter’s Eyepatch

“My daughter has to wear an eyepatch, so we tried to make the best of it.” Read More
Buttbombs - Grandpa


“This is my grandfather. The butt on the left is his long time girlfriend, and the butt on the right is my aunt. She is a physical therapist trying to help her with her back pain. He’s not digging it.”

Snowblind - Photos


“My 18 month old daughter was exploring in the snow, then the faceplant happened – rescue her or take a picture first?”

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Very Punny - Pregnancy

Very Punny

“My friends just announced a child on the way.”

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