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The L is implied.

(submitted by Jerry)

Pussomime - Photos


They were being so dramatic.

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Open - Birthdays


She wanted to give her parents a subtle signal.

(submitted by Caroline)

The Last Crusade - Behind The Awkwardness

The Last Crusade

“My wife and I decided to do something creative for our 21st anniversary portrait– 21 Years of Adventure.”

(submitted by Ken)

Parolling In The Deep - Couples

Parolling In The Deep

Breaking up is hard to do.

(submitted by Antoine)

Plenty Of Fish - Wedding

Plenty Of Fish

“Mom always said there were plenty of fish in the sea.”

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Helping Hands - Babies

Helping Hands

They were only there for support.

(submitted by Mike)

Left My Pants In San Francisco - Vacation

Left My Pants In San Francisco

“We didn’t realize the naked dude with the beer in his hand was in the background until we looked at our photos later that day.  Fortunately we had two photos taken. Unfortunately he’s in the other photo too.”

(submitted by Jason)