Puerto Rico Blues

March 30th, 2015

Puerto Rico Blues - Awkward Galleries

He won a trip to Puerto Rico, his wife couldn’t go, and he had no fun. At least that’s what he wants her to believe.

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17 Head-Scratching Real Estate Photos

March 30th, 2015

17 Head-Scratching Real Estate Photos - Awkward Galleries

A few pics from the hilarious Tumblr blog TerribleRealEstatePhotos.com, proving that some people aren’t that concerned about selling.

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The New Guy

March 30th, 2015

funny standout

“That time my mother thought it would be a great idea to take us to Madam Tussaud’s to meet her new eight foot slash lookalike boyfriend for the first time.”

(submitted by Roxzann in the UK)

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The Wonder Years

March 28th, 2015

funny school photo, 70s


“During the ages of 8 to 11 years old (1972 to 1975) I became trapped in a vortex of awkwardness. And my mom’s taste in clothing really brought it to another level – this stuff was embarrassing even back then. I honestly don’t know how to chose which pictures to send because it seems each one was worse than the last. But here are the two best , age 8 from 1972 and age 10 from 1974.”

(submitted by Brad)

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Don’t You Forget About Me

March 28th, 2015

kid left out, family portrait

“We have three daughters, and were getting pictures with each. Chloe was not happy that she was being left out of the photo!”

(submitted by Derek)


March 27th, 2015

funny outfit, pimp

Meet Frishse Pitter, a German pimp from the 70’s.

(via Peter)

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