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Baby Got Silverback

“Snapped a nice picture of my dad admiring a gorilla.”

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Wedding Casual

“2 steps into walking down the aisle. He said ‘Goddamit Jeri, did my pants just fall down?'”

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Land Of Confusion

“Family pictures have always been a challenge for us.”

(submitted by Amy)

Goat Groom

“My wife’s dress makes it look like I have hooves.”

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Cracked Up

“We tried to some nice pictures together at Oktoberfest in Portland, OR.”

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Something’s Fishy

“My son on his first fishing trip with his uncle.”

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“With my daughter and grandchildren at Virginia Beach. Took this photo and noticed background later!”

(submitted by Deborah)

Padded Room

“When the silence is too suspicious.”

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Fashion Forward

“I really thought matching my clothes to the background I selected was gonna be cool forever.”

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The Truth About Cats And Dogs

“Me and our dog and my wife and our cat.”

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