Holiday Gothic - Christmas

Holiday Gothic

There is truth behind every joke.

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Peter Peter - Teens

Peter Peter

The Inheritance - Behind The Awkwardness

The Inheritance

“My grandfather’s late wife passed and they found $80,000 and all these guns hidden in her things.”

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Abracadabra - Pregnancy


And you thought IVF was magic.

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First Date - Prom

First Date

“This is me on my very first date. The lovely young lady in the photo took pity on me and said “yes” when I invited her to the 1987 Los Fresnos, Texas High School Homecoming Game. (We were in 7th grade.) As you can tell, I’m REALLY happy to be on a date.”

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Doctor Doctor - Misc

Doctor Doctor

“Husband and wife surgery team after hip replacement. 7 months pregnant with first baby.”

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The Remote - Dad

The Remote

Another afternoon of quality time with Dad.

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Wood - School Photos


Not a chance this could be taken the wrong way.

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