funny couples picture

Cupid Revisited

See the original Cupid here.

(submitted by Scott)

funny recreation picture, awkward kid photo

Bathroom Reader

Looks like the bathroom has gotten more crowded over the years.

(submitted by Scott)

smooth kid picture

Do The Conga

“Seven year-old me knew what was up.”

(via Mentalmuse)

funny twin picture


“My mom thought it would be a good idea to cut my hair like hers, get me an outfit like hers, and get our picture taken in front of a field. I didn’t.”

(submitted by Kerrie)

funny kid picture


“We were at the resort in Turkey, and during excursion at the ship one crazy man and his feet didn’t give me to take some nice pictures of my little boy.”

(submitted by Tatiana in Czech Republic)

funny school picture, awkward chair

The Chairman

Chairshelf to armshelf. Difficulty 9.3.

(via Mr. Jimmy)