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Free Skate

“I thought it would be great to ring in the new year by volunteering & supporting the Albany Allstars Roller Derby (un-finished) calendar project back in 2011. I really did use this as an awkward (yet endearing, I hope!?) Seasons Greetings family card!”

(submitted by Kate)


He was always so protective.

(submitted by Jordan)

Recreating The Awkwardness

(submitted by Rick)

Shining Star

Nobody came out clean on this one.

(submitted by Julie)


“I am not certain how or why this picture took place since I was the youngest¬† (being held by the ninja). However, I have been told that the ninja was in fact our neighbor, what I question is why my sisters and I were such willing participants. Hey, mom and dad- why didn’t you tell us about “stranger danger?”

(submitted by Helen)

Thank You For Not Smoking

“My dad had a last minute idea to add a prop to our family photo.¬† He saw the photographer had cigarettes and decided that everyone in the photo should have one.¬† I am the red head bottom right with my eyes rolled up.”

(submitted by Jesse)


All of the bases were covered at this MGM event.

(submitted by Tim)

In Love And War

And it has only just begun.

(submitted by Reginald)

Quality Time

Placement is everything.

(submitted by Christina)


Michael Bay’s newest disaster movie.