Fish Food - Behind The Awkwardness

Fish Food

“When I was about 9 or 10, my mum and dad took me and my sister on holiday to Wales. My dad is the biggest wind up merchant and never happy until he can make a kid cry. On this occasion, he had convinced me that the lake was full of man eating piranha fish and 6 ft deep. This was taken by mum, you can’t see my sister laughing behind her, but my whining and protesting at the prospect of being fish food made for a good photo that’s haunted me for years. Dad has just confessed after 30 yrs that he felt bad for making me cry!”

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Bowfinger - School Photos


Go big or go home.

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Drag The Halls - Christmas

Drag The Halls

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Sidekicks - Mom


Coming to CBS this Fall.

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The Swiss Parenting Tool - Random

The Swiss Parenting Tool

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My Father-In-Law’s Quad Exercise

“I live with my father-in-law and watch his unique stretching techniques from my office window.”

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Drunk In Love - Photos

Drunk In Love

He had to call his chocolate sponsor.

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