Legend - Kids


Anything is possible.

(submitted by Tim)

Mirror Mirror 5 - Photos

Mirror Mirror 5

Last we checked, they still reflect.

(submitted by Yuri in Russia)

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Mom & Dad

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Get a room.

(submitted by Olivera)

The Muppet Show - Random

The Muppet Show

The Kaye’s felt that rodent puppets would help people take their music more seriously.

(submitted by Jennifer)

No Matter What - Couples

No Matter What

That is commitment for you.

(submitted by Trevor)

Lean On Me - Family Portrait

Lean On Me

This family has a strong support system.

(submitted by Terrence)

This Guy - Glamour Shots

This Guy

“The original pic was taken about a week before my wedding in ’91, and just after the very last hair cut. I was glaring at them wanting to kill my mother-in-law for making me deal with this crap, LOL.”

See more of Jimi at http://jimipocius.com//ephemera.htm. And here is Jimi today, still rocking it.

(submitted by Jimi)

Behind The Awkwardness: 911 - Family Portrait

Behind The Awkwardness: 911

“My first time wakeboarding. Enough said.”

(submitted by Peta in Australia)