When The Sh#* Hits The Fan - Babies

When The Sh#* Hits The Fan

“One day we went to change our two week old child. At that time the new doting daddy (me) took pictures of almost everything. Just as his nappy came off the poor little might projectile pooped straight into the whirling blades of a fan heater. It made quite a mess.”

(submitted by Andrew)

Bunch Of Boobs - Family Portrait

Bunch Of Boobs

A time-honored family tradition.

(submitted by Jason)

The Ham - School Photos

The Ham


(submitted by Angelin)

Writing On The Wall - Engagement

Writing On The Wall

“I’m the dude. This was from our engagement session. That graffiti was too perfect to not do a prom pose in front of it.”

(via source)

The Wall - Wedding

The Wall

They were going for understated.

(submitted by Andrew)

Flip Flop - Babies

Flip Flop

Yes, he’s flipping you off, but he’s so very sorry about it.

(submitted by Crystal)

Offside - Wedding


Let’s just say the odds are against them.

(submitted by Luc in Canada)

Proof - Family Portrait


“We found a photo of my mom and her brothers.  They took this photo, in a rush, to surprise my grandparents for their 25th anniversary.  Needless to say, they decided not to order the proofs.”

(submitted by Kathy)