Happy Mother’s Day Card - AFP Hall Of Fame

Happy Mother’s Day Card

What mother wouldn’t want a new bush?

(submitted by Rissa)

Happy Mother’s Day Message from AFP!

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Ballers - Kids


This is for everyone who’s ever been left out.

(submitted by Joyce)

Mom In The Middle - Mom

Mom In The Middle

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Father Knows Best - Babies

Father Knows Best

“This is a picture my mother-in-law sent me while I was at work of my husband and son. Husband is playing my son’s leap frog game while my son is in the background… under a plastic tote. Men.”

(submitted by Monai)

Wunderbras - Behind The Awkwardness


“When I was a kid, my mom, who is a seamstress, would make funky gifts every year for Christmas. Some time in the late 80s, she got her hands on some giant men’s underwear and made sports bra’s out of them. Hence, my two aunts and grandma modeling them on Christmas Eve. This is just one of many awkward Christmas eve photos.”

(submitted by Tara)

The Last Samurai - Behind The Awkwardness

The Last Samurai

“Our family trip to Japan ended in a professional photo shoot to commemorate the trip. This was the result.”

(submitted by Serena)

Graddy Daycare - Graduation

Graddy Daycare

“We were taking pictures at a friend’s house and her nephew, who is always naked wanted to take a pic with us. But don’t worry– he is wearing a diaper.”

(submitted by Alex)

Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl - Glamour Shots

Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl

She was ready for her close-ups.

(submitted by Ashley)

Head First - Kids

Head First

A reminder to learn from your mistakes.

(submitted by Keidi)