Facial Hair - Teens

Facial Hair

Not seeing is believing.

(submitted by Dave)

The Ties That Bind - Pets

The Ties That Bind

The dog felt overdressed.

(submitted by Andrea)

Swedding Photo - Wedding

Swedding Photo

There is no better time to get in shape.

(submitted by Anton)

The Hive - Kids

The Hive

What goes up must stay up.

(submitted by Angie & retouched by Katie McCranie)

Sigh - Babies


He’s not as easily impressed.

(submitted by KeeleyAnn)

Stuck On You - Kids

Stuck On You

“Photo taken in St James’ park, London. ¬†That’s me placing a peanut on my sister’s head to attract a squirrel whilst mum is completely oblivious.”

(submitted by Grace in the UK)

Behind The Awkwardness: The Birds - Pets

Behind The Awkwardness: The Birds

“This is a picture of my mom and a bird we had rescued from Six Flags when he was a baby and fell out of his nest. This was his first flight, and we were so proud of him for flying on his own outside. He suddenly flew onto my mom’s shoulder, and, as you can tell, she was not so pleased.”

(submitted by Julie)

Balloon Ride - Kids

Balloon Ride

If only she had a pin.

(submitted by Taylor, the sequel to Over The Rainbow)

Bring The Noise - Siblings

Bring The Noise

Some people were made for each other. (submitted by Lauri)

Training Day - Engagement

Training Day

Love is a dangerous thing.

(submitted by Ann)