Public Admirer - Behind The Awkwardness

Public Admirer

“That’s my little sister in the middle, it was her 4th birthday party. The boy behind her was her first stalker. When we moved away the next year,  he told her as soon as he was old enough to drive he was coming for her with a moving truck to bring her back.”

(submitted by Chris)

Couple’s Therapy - Engagement

Couple’s Therapy

“My parents in high school… I’m not sure what is going on here.”

(submitted by Colin)

Helter Skelter - Misc

Helter Skelter

Thanks for the push, Mom.

(submitted by Joe)

The Air Below - Behind The Awkwardness

The Air Below

“As a professional photographer, I always hoped never to take a photo that would be fit for this site. So much for hope.”

(submitted by Mike at

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner - Family Portrait

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

He was famished.

(submitted by Daniela)

Cold Wet Grass - Babies

Cold Wet Grass

Nobody could understand what she was complaining about.

(submitted by Jim)

Chairwoman - Solo Shots


We dare you to try it.

(submitted by Cliff)

Rainbow Brite - Pets

Rainbow Brite

For the record– horses do not believe in unicorns.

(submitted by Genevieve & her horse Matador)

Smoke On The Water - Vacation

Smoke On The Water

This beach was known for its views.

(submitted by Cassandra)

Here’s Looking At You, Kid - Mom

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

You can never start bonding too early.

(submitted by Anthony)