Shining Star - Christmas

Shining Star

Nobody came out clean on this one.

(submitted by Julie)

Neighbors - Behind The Awkwardness


“I am not certain how or why this picture took place since I was the youngest  (being held by the ninja). However, I have been told that the ninja was in fact our neighbor, what I question is why my sisters and I were such willing participants. Hey, mom and dad- why didn’t you tell us about “stranger danger?”

(submitted by Helen)

Thank You For Not Smoking - Family Portrait

Thank You For Not Smoking

“My dad had a last minute idea to add a prop to our family photo.  He saw the photographer had cigarettes and decided that everyone in the photo should have one.  I am the red head bottom right with my eyes rolled up.”

(submitted by Jesse)

Roar - Kids


All of the bases were covered at this MGM event.

(submitted by Tim)

In Love And War - Wedding

In Love And War

And it has only just begun.

(submitted by Reginald)

Quality Time - Christmas

Quality Time

Placement is everything.

(submitted by Christina)


Michael Bay’s newest disaster movie.