The Morning After 2 - Christmas

The Morning After 2

Game, set, and match. Christmas.

(submitted by Addie)

Bad Santa - Christmas

Bad Santa

Even Santa has regrets.

(submitted by Cyndi)

Bad Santa - AFP Hall Of Fame

Bad Santa

She wanted second-hand smoke for Christmas.

(submitted by Elizabeth)

She’s Got Pull - Dad

She’s Got Pull

Enjoy the ride.

(submitted by Louise in Australia)

Furries - Christmas


This family, meet PETA. PETA, meet this family.

(submitted by Anthony)

Red Alert - Behind The Awkwardness

Red Alert

“My mother always dressed my brothers and I alike, but one Christmas, she made everyone do it.  This is the result.  I’m the one who is not smiling because I’m pretty sure I just received a “talking to” for my objection to the madness.”

(submitted by Greg)