Shady - Dad


This father has nothing to hide.

(submitted by Rashael)

House Beautiful - Misc

House Beautiful

Home is where the heart is… as well as the chairs, fake window, Roman column, and stump.

(submitted by Elizabeth)

Shaggy Dog - Pets

Shaggy Dog

Some looks never go out of style.

(submitted by Mark)

Turtleneck - Misc


When you’re that old, it doesn’t matter who’s watching.

(submitted by Gregg)

Behind the Awkwardness: Purple Haze - Family Portrait

Behind the Awkwardness: Purple Haze

“One day, back in ’81 or so, MawMaw thought it would be a good idea for us to all enjoy a few glasses of her fermented “friendship punch” before heading down to the photo studio at K-Mart.”

(submitted by Chuck)

For The Love Of Denim - Misc

For The Love Of Denim

Sleeves were optional at this wedding.

(submitted by Maddie)

Karate Mom - Mom

Karate Mom

It isn’t easy to make the unicorns look more plausible.

(submitted by Beth)

Dollface - Babies


“This is a photo of me. & people wonder why I am afraid of dolls. Thank you, mom & dad.”

(submitted by Sara)


Let’s Get Physical - Family Portrait

Let’s Get Physical

See more glorious 80’s photos in our Rock Of Ages photo contest here.

(submitted by A)