Recreating The Awkwardness

September 2nd, 2014

Recreating The Awkwardness - Recreations

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One Big Happy Family

September 1st, 2014

One Big Happy Family - Behind The Awkwardness

“My brothers hated having their picture taken, so I’m guessing that’s what’s up with them. As for the rest of us, I don’t know what the problem is.”

(submitted by Jodi)

Smile This Way

September 1st, 2014

Smile This Way - Behind The Awkwardness

“They told me to dress up for my school picture… so I did. I felt invincible in that sweatshirt.”

(submitted by Mike)

Seniors Riding Dirty

August 31st, 2014

A video from 2008 that proves that hip-hop is timeless.

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Cowboy Hip-Hop

August 29th, 2014

Magically delicious.

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