Married On The 4th Of July - Behind The Awkwardness

Married On The 4th Of July

“This is my older sister Angela’s wedding. They were wearing the hats because our mother said they made everyone look elegant. My sister had a 4th of July wedding because she is a redneck at heart and that is the reason of the red, white, and blue flowers and streamers. Oh, and one of the flowers girls had just puked.”

(submitted by Terri)

Pretty Bird - Pets

Pretty Bird

They were trying to get a bird’s eye view.

(submitted by Rebecca)

The New Guy - Kids

The New Guy

“This is my son at my wedding to his stepfather.”

(submitted by Samantha)

Irresistible - Dad


You can look, but he’d rather you touch.

(submitted by Trevor)

Meet The Fredericks - Family Portrait

Meet The Fredericks

That’s right. Frederick.

(submitted by Greg)

Just Dance - Kids

Just Dance

Proof that lightning does strike twice.

(submitted by Terri)

The Mascot - Easter

The Mascot

Some holidays need no introduction.

(submitted by Diane)

A Handful - Pets

A Handful

When you got more ferrets than you can hold, you’ve got too many ferrets.

(submitted by Linda)