The Overfrown 3 - Babies

The Overfrown 3

She always looked forward to spending time with Grandma.

(submitted by Amber)

Stuck In The Middle With You - Mom

Stuck In The Middle With You

She didn’t want to take sides.

(submitted Andre)

The Chameleon - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

The Chameleon

You don’t know the half of him.

(submitted by Jim)

Facial - Babies


Proof that you can have your cake and eat it too.

(submitted by Anthony)

Magic Carpet Ride - Kids

Magic Carpet Ride

He was uncomfortable with the misogynistic undertones.

(submitted by Tait)

Cold-Blooded - Pets


So it was a snake in his pants.

(submitted by Mike)

Call Of The Wild - Kids

Call Of The Wild

You don’t have to pass on everything.

(submitted by Donna)

Pollock - Pets


The guinea pig didn’t think it was art.

(submitted by Eugene)

Waxed - Behind The Awkwardness


“My father and his soon-to-be-wife. There is no explanation needed.”

(submitted by Hannah)

Behind The Awkwardness: All You Can Eat - Kids

Behind The Awkwardness: All You Can Eat

“This is me and my mom, circa 1982.  I was an extremely picky eater as a kid and each and every meal was a battle. An all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant was my worst nightmare (probably my mom’s, too, from the look on her face).    The view of my plate is unfortunately blocked by the flower, but I can assure you it was full, with the food expertly pushed around on it to appear half eaten.  I don’t think my mom got to enjoy a single meal between 1976 and 1985. “

(submitted by Mary)