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Bring The Noise

Some people were made for each other. (submitted by Lauri)

Training Day

Love is a dangerous thing.

(submitted by Ann)

Vacuum Boy

“As a child, my boyfriend loved appliances and in his eyes, all other appliances paled in comparison to the vacuum cleaner. When he was around five, his mom took him to a photography studio to get his portrait taken. He asked the photographers if they had any vacuums he could take a picture with. They found one in a broom closet and brought it out for him… the rest is history.”

(submitted by Joanna)

Over The Top

Never underestimate Mom.

Man Of Steel

“This is a school photo of my brother Jeff in the 2nd Grade.  Need I say more?”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Green Day

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Bridemaids 3

They can also guess your card.

(submitted by John)

Magic Mom

My mother recently had the chance to attend to the premiere of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and as you can see, she kind of got into it. And yes, that is the real David Copperfield she dragged into the photo.

Co-Founder, AFP

The Shocker

Keyboard Cat

He lets his fingers do the talking.

(submitted by Andrew)