The Namastes - Family Portrait

The Namastes

They were thinking of adopting a downward dog.

(submitted by Alan)

Obstructed - Birthdays


Looks like she got her birthday wish after all.

(submitted by Julia)

Czechmates - Family Portrait


Sometimes, wearing your patriotism is enough.

(submitted by Paprikas in the Czech Republic)

Black & White - Wedding

Black & White

There are two sides to every story.

(submitted by Chad)

Sailor Girl - Kids

Sailor Girl

A tip of the cap to you.

(submitted by Brettney)

Captain Hooked - Behind The Awkwardness

Captain Hooked

“This is my husband and I the night of our wedding. His “friends” thought it would be funny to put a fish hook on the steering wheel of the car, because I “HOOKED” him. In our celebratory state he got the hook stuck in his hand. We had to go to the ER to get it removed and he had to get a tetanus shot. The ER staff took this picture and gave us back the hook to keep.”

(submitted by Becky)

Wagon Trouble - AFP Hall Of Fame

Wagon Trouble

Nobody wanted to pull him.

(submitted by Julian)

Sleepyhead - Dad


Never fall asleep on the job.

(submitted by Briea)

Straight Man - Family Portrait

Straight Man

He wears his happiness on the inside.

(submitted by Janet)

Spit It Out - Babies

Spit It Out

“Seemingly unaware that me (the baby) was about to spit up, my sister (yes, she looks like a boy, pre-donny osmond I suppose) holds that completely straight face through the whole picture…even with the wet stickiness on her arm.  I guess my mom should have tried harder to burp me before they took pictures.”

(submitted by Megan)