Behind The Awkwardness: Rockstar

“This is a picture of my wonderful boyfriend gave me for my 21st birthday of him and his two ‘sons.’ One day in August, he dyed his hair rockstar blue for a rock concert he was playing in. Two months later in October, the hair had turned from royal blue to greenish-greyish-gross.”

(submitted by Daina)

Lost In Translation - Behind The Awkwardness

Lost In Translation

“This is a photo of my friend Samantha. it’s her fifth birthday and her first bday in america. At the time, her mom couldn’t read English very well, so she got a “Happy Anniversary” banner.”

(submitted by Michael)

The Mimes - Family Portrait

The Mimes

Be the silence.

(submitted by Cassandra)

The Legend Of Zelda - Wedding

The Legend Of Zelda

Game over.

(submitted by Sarah)

The Houseguest - Dad

The Houseguest

He figured if he was going to take off his shoes, why stop there.

(submitted by Michael)

Leprechaun - Solo Shots


If you’re guarding a pot of gold, you better shine.

(submitted by Danielle)

Reflections - Pets


You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

(submitted by John, Photo from Birthday Book by Suzanne Green & Kate Green)

Cookout - Family Portrait


With a little mustard and relish, anything will taste good.

(submitted by David)

Happy Father’s Day From AFP! - Dad

Happy Father’s Day From AFP!

To the man who taught us so much.

(submitted by Aleishia)

TGIF 2 - Kids


You may rest now.