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Uncle Jamie

He was always ahead of his time.

(submitted by Jono in Australia)

Crappy Birthday

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Some pets just love to cuddle.

(submitted by Jeff)


He was hoping she would take up a new hobby.

(submitted by Ashley)

Taking A Stand

Sometimes she felt like he was putting too much pressure on her.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Yellow Fever

Answers the age-old question, “Is it awkward for the whole family to pose with bananas?”

(submitted by Keith)


Before there was The Gap.

(submitted by Anne)

Split Frame

She stepped over the line.

(submitted by Angela)

Facial Profiling

To truly understand them, you must look from every angle.

(submitted by Anthony)

I Would Dye For You

Confession: It’s not someone’s natural hair color.

(submitted by Deborah)