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Father Time

“These are my parents. My dad thought he was an amateur photographer, and made a dark room out of an unused closet. This was his creepy foray in editing…”

(submitted by Brian)

Case Study

Some people can never get comfortable.

(submitted by Hans in Switzerland)

The Drop

“I am that white blob on the table. My grandfather dropped me and my mother captured the action perfectly. Look how much my siblings care about me. My brother is raising the roof, my sister is telling him to raise it higher, and my grandmother is too absorbed by my little sister.”

(submitted by Kristen)

The Player

This young man celebrates Easter at his local Playboy Club.

(submitted by David)

Need A Lift

One more reason to never pick up hitchhikers.

(submitted by Lori)

The Claw 4

He will either rip your heart out or wrinkle your shirt.

(submitted by Keeley)

The Hairnet

Nothing can penetrate this force field.

(submitted by Lizzetthe)

Sunday Best

“This picture is of me and my two siblings after church on Easter Sunday… when we got home, we decided to wake Dad up and have him take family pictures with us. This is how it ended.”

(submitted by Fiona)

The Claw 3

It’s a placeholder.

(submitted by Christina / Photo by Cara Taylor Photography)

Pets Episode!

Check out the pets episode of the the Awkward Family Photos show and leave your caption contest entries in the comment section below. Winners receive two signed AFP Books!