Lapcat - Pets


Here kitty kitty.

(submitted by Erika)

Gather Round - Pets

Gather Round

Oh, when he gets to telling stories.

(submitted by Abby)

Awkward Family Pet Photos Has Landed - Photos

Awkward Family Pet Photos Has Landed

Awkward Family Pet Photos is out in stores now! Click here to get your copy.

Dolloween - Halloween


Happy Halloween from AFP!

(submitted by Katelyn)

That’s A Wrap - Mom

That’s A Wrap

Baby slingshot.

(submitted by Allie)

Bridebathers - AFP Hall Of Fame


Originally, there were more in her bridal party, but they wouldn’t fit in the tub.

(submitted by Trae)

Fierce - Pets


When you’re playing the role of a dinosaur, you have to commit.

(submitted by Steve)

Shoeless - Family Portrait


No shoes. Service.

(submitted by Morgan)

Slakrs - Mom


Some locations just scream new mother.

(submitted by Laurie)

Waiting To Exhale - Family Portrait

Waiting To Exhale

Apparently, breathing is not required for doubles.

(submitted by Stu)