Unsolved Mysteries - Family Portrait

Unsolved Mysteries

It’s not always elementary, Watson.

(submitted by Ashley)

Happy Labor Day from AFP! - Behind The Awkwardness

Happy Labor Day from AFP!

“I worked at a cub scout camp that had a theme of Star Wars. Some of my co-workers and I had a picture taken together. The older guy is a falconer, and we used the raven at camp a lot. To me, this picture makes so much sense, but to anybody else, there are three teenagers surrounding an older man holding a raven, and we’re all dressed as Jedi. Weird.”

(submitted by Jeff)

Sitting Pretty - Kids

Sitting Pretty

Her cup runneth over.

(submitted by Breana)

Ladies League - Mom & Dad

Ladies League

Those pins didn’t stand a chance.

(submitted by Kim)

Black Christmas - AFP Hall Of Fame

Black Christmas

Santa didn’t even need to look at his list.

(submitted by Sarah)

Too Close For Comfort - Kids

Too Close For Comfort

It was time to put her ego in check.

(submitted by Alisse)

Women In Black - Behind The Awkwardness

Women In Black

“This was my sister and mom and I in a dance recital… as ADULTS! We were the Men-In-Black and Mom must have been an alien belly-dancer.”

Sleeping Beauty - Pets

Sleeping Beauty

The guinea pig promised to be as quiet as a mouse.

(submitted by Ashley)

The Delicates - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Delicates

They had decided to come clean.

(submitted by Rae)

Sprinkle - Family Portrait


Some lessons are taught the hard way.

(submitted by Lindsey)