Jeckyll & Hyde

May 27th, 2013

Jeckyll & Hyde - School Photos

A really bad case of split ends.

(submitted by Stacy)


May 27th, 2013

Antifreeze - Photos

They had waited long enough.

(submitted by Boris)

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Just The Two Of Us

May 27th, 2013

Just The Two Of Us - Babies

You can always spot the new parents.

(submitted by Baylee)

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A Rat’s Tail

May 26th, 2013

A Rat’s Tail - Kids

Just one of the many attractions at Chuck E. Cheese.

(submitted by Sarah)

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Winner Winner

May 26th, 2013

Winner Winner - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Release the chickens!

(submitted by Robert)

Here Comes The Rooster

May 26th, 2013

Here Comes The Rooster - Pets

He never woke up late.

(submitted by Kenneth)

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May 25th, 2013

Promburn - Prom

She was just laying down a base.

(submitted by Mary)

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