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She was just hoping someone would take her away.

(submitted by Ali)

The Sculpture

Art from every angle.

(submitted by Estacio)

The Look

You’ve been identified.

(submitted by John in the UK)


“This is my 2001 senior picture. I am holding a four-square ball, and I have a t-shirt with my name on it. My mom told me to get a hair cut, so I got a mohawk…Oh. And I am wearing a duct tape suit.”

(submitted by James)


Somebody had earned their treat.

(submitted by Chelsea)

Swiss Misters

“Me with my two brothers in 1968. We just moved to Switzerland¬† where my father got a good job with a much better salary than before. So we were showing off a new bicycle, a new scooter, new clothes, and my mother’s impeccable sense of fashion.”

(submitted by Gautier in France)

Miss Piggy

This pig was only allowed on the furniture.

(submitted by Amanda)

Buzz 2

She had an old soul.

(submitted by Bethesda)


At least one of them was convinced.

(submitted by Jeffrey)


He wanted them in his heart and in the dermis layer of his skin.

(submitted by Deidre)