Captain U.S.A. - July 4th

Captain U.S.A.

Sometimes, it all just works.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Fruits Of Her Labor - July 4th

Fruits Of Her Labor

American ingenuity at work.

(submitted by Debbie)

Our Bodyguards - Wedding

Our Bodyguards

You can imagine everyone’s surprise when they showed up in the same outfit.

(submitted by Ivan in Russia)

Birds On A Wire - Pets

Birds On A Wire

Hey, it’s a living.

(submitted by Ivan)

Target Practice - Pregnancy

Target Practice

Yep, that should cancel the noise.

(submitted by Melanie)

Swing And A Miss - Kids

Swing And A Miss

He would never strike out again.

(submitted by Mitch)

Laptop - Family Portrait


It rarely made it through airport security.

(submitted by Jake)

Hot Ticket - Random

Hot Ticket

Remember, if you don’t request him, you aren’t gonna get him.

(submitted by Ken)