Up On A Roof - Pets

Up On A Roof

“This was taken in 1979 in a Texas beach town. The two on the far right are my parents. Check out my dad’s peach leisure suit! They were visiting the family also pictured here, and took this photo after church with a camera on a tripod. The family dog had access to the roof from an exterior staircase located in the backyard. This dog regularly ventured to the front of the house on the roof to check out what he couldn’t see from the back. To this family, it was a normal, daily occurance.”

(submitted by Alicia)

Puff - Family Portrait


Beware of the dragon.

(submitted by Brian)

Rawhide 2 - Vacation

Rawhide 2

The proof has never been so convincing.

(submitted by Melissa)

The Big Dig - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Big Dig

“When I pick my nose, I choose to have it professionally documented.”

(submitted by Jami)

Objects Of Affection - Kids

Objects Of Affection

These are a few of my favorite things.

(submitted by Amanda)

All Aboard - Kids

All Aboard

“This was the first and and only year my sister and I were in dance classes. Please note: In the real world, I’ve never been on Amtrak with a conductor that wore this outfit. Sadly.”

(submitted by Julie)

The Longest Yawn - Wedding

The Longest Yawn

It’s not a good sign when you’re already bored.

(submitted by Melissa)

Outsider - Family Portrait


She was determined to work her way back into the family tree.

(submitted by Ellen)

Culture Shock - Behind The Awkwardness

Culture Shock

“My first birthday- I am the one in the center, screaming my lung out, surrounded by family, friends, and one very very confused exchange student who was staying with my aunt.”

(submitted by Lauren)


Two Player Game - Pets

Two Player Game

That’s what you get for introducing your cat to Angry Birds.

(submitted by Garry)