The Mimes - Family Portrait

The Mimes

Be the silence.

(submitted by Cassandra)

The Legend Of Zelda - Wedding

The Legend Of Zelda

Game over.

(submitted by Sarah)

The Houseguest - Dad

The Houseguest

He figured if he was going to take off his shoes, why stop there.

(submitted by Michael)

Leprechaun - Solo Shots


If you’re guarding a pot of gold, you better shine.

(submitted by Danielle)

Reflections - Pets


You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

(submitted by John, Photo from Birthday Book by Suzanne Green & Kate Green)

Cookout - Family Portrait


With a little mustard and relish, anything will taste good.

(submitted by David)

Happy Father’s Day From AFP! - Dad

Happy Father’s Day From AFP!

To the man who taught us so much.

(submitted by Aleishia)

TGIF 2 - Kids


You may rest now.

Passport Photos - Behind The Awkwardness

Passport Photos

“This is me and my family (I’m the kid on the right) taken probably around ’88. My dad was taking passport photos of himself and my mom, and they had to try a few shots to get the size just right. Since he didn’t want to waste any film, he had us sit on the couch for the whole photo-shoot.”

(submitted by Reuben)

Orange Crush - Babies

Orange Crush

And it wasn’t anywhere near Halloween. Seriously.

(submitted by Olivia)