Thistle - Behind The Awkwardness


“This a wonderful picture of my husband when he had a patch over his left eye. He told me that his dad made him pose forever to take a picture, and my husband, fed up trying to get the right pose for him decided to grab the first “flower” he saw. I guess that his right eye wasn’t that good either because, that flower was basically thistle, which is considered one of the ugliest weeds in Spain.”

(submitted by Eli)

As The World Turns - Family Portrait

As The World Turns

Or perhaps War Of The Worlds.

(submitted by Andrew)

Wanted: Dead Or Alive - Kids

Wanted: Dead Or Alive

The horse on the left doesn’t rock.

(submitted by J.D.)

Lock Up - XCards

Lock Up

Smitten - XCards


Lovebirds - XCards