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Gather Round

Oh, when he gets to telling stories.

(submitted by Abby)

Awkward Family Pet Photos Has Landed

Awkward Family Pet Photos is out in stores now! Click here to get your copy.


Happy Halloween from AFP!

(submitted by Katelyn)

That’s A Wrap

Baby slingshot.

(submitted by Allie)


Originally, there were more in her bridal party, but they wouldn’t fit in the tub.

(submitted by Trae)


When you’re playing the role of a dinosaur, you have to commit.

(submitted by Steve)


No shoes. Service.

(submitted by Morgan)


Some locations just scream new mother.

(submitted by Laurie)

Waiting To Exhale

Apparently, breathing is not required for doubles.

(submitted by Stu)

Awkward Assignment

When your kid comes home with this, there’s only one person to blame… your kid.

(submitted by Anthony)