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Baby’s Day Out

You should have seen his high chair.

(submitted by Nina who tell us this is aerialist-acrobats Frankie Vincent, wife Rose & son Nikki in 1951)

Sitting Pretty

This is why humans shouldn’t be allowed on the couch.

(submitted by Olivia)

Growing Pains 2

Aim high.

(submitted by Mary)

Find A Seat

The rare combination of a photo session and a game of musical chairs.

(submitted by Sarah)

A Royal Affair

Why wait for the wedding night?

(submitted by Mary)

The Incredible Shrinking Cat

Howard’s enthusiasm was busy that day.

(submitted by Vicki)

Hoop Dreams 2

Not every idea is a “slam dunk.”

(submitted by Andrea)

Let There Be Light

Apparently, this family is allergic to cheese.

(submitted by Steve)

Pet-A-Likes: Triplets

It’s not their natural color.

(submitted by Ryan)

The Wedding Party

Formal is a state of mind.

(submitted by David)