Charlie Brown - Pets

Charlie Brown

This family decided to color-coordinate with the dog.

(submitted by Keith)

Mirror Mirror 2 - AFP Hall Of Fame

Mirror Mirror 2

“I’m that girl. In agreement with most, except I was a cute baby, thank you!”

(via Casi)

Motherhood - Mom


Even Mom needs a nap.

(submitted by Jonathan)

Limber - Pets


This cat didn’t want to pull a “hammy.”

(submitted by Alicia)

Junkyard - Family Portrait


One man’s trash is another man’s family portrait.

(submitted by Tyler)

Honey Bunnies - Pets

Honey Bunnies

Those two are like a couple of rabbits.

(submitted by Carly)

Sway - Couples


When this guy leans in for a kiss, you better be ready to catch him.

(submitted by Jacque)

Wingmen - Pets


The one-two punch ladies fear the most.

(submitted by Kelsey)

Window Pains - Wedding

Window Pains

Just think of all the joy and laughter the future holds.

(submitted by Jerry)

Resolutions - Pets


To finally getting the respect you deserve in ’11. Happy New Years from AFPP!