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Theater Hands Out Sexist Gift Bags At Women-Only Screening Of ‘Wonder Woman’

There are ideas that are clever and interesting. There are marketing concepts that are well-thought out and not gross or sexist or insufferably dumb. Then, there’s this. The...

Hail To The King

“My dad, the belly flop king, about to ruin my mom’s afternoon.”

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Grand Prize Winner

“I found this trophy in a house we recently rented.

(submitted by Michael)

The Lost Mimosa

That’ll bring a brunch to a screeching halt.

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Dad Vs. Brad

“My Dad, aka Brad Pitt’s doppelganger, looking fly in the early 90’s.”

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Going Overboard

“This photo was taken on a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. My daughter is posing with all smiles, and my son is tipping his kayak over after a big wave hit him! I’d say perfect timing on my part.”

(submitted by Lianne)

Strawberry Fields Forever

“Strawberry picking. You will notice that one of my kids follows the rules, and the other is like her father.”

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15 Wedding Announcements From Couples With Unfortunate Names

Love conquers all, right? These couples prove that fate has a really good sense of humor. 1. Mr. & Mrs. Golden-Showers 2. Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald- Burger 3. Mr. & Mrs....

Stay-At-Home Dad Proves That Being A Dad Is Metal

When Dad, photographer, and heavy metal fan Brian Reda posted a photo to Reddit a couple years ago, he thought it would give people a smile. The photo showed his...

Self-Fulfilling T-Shirt Prophecy


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