LOL Cats

April 18th, 2010

Cat casual.

(submitted by Anthony)

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  1. ranjeet says:

    very very bad…plz dont do this …atleast with pets

  2. peterB says:

    Talk about PRUDES! Y’all are really the limit!!

  3. Laura says:

    Oh my!! Why would anyone ever think this was a good idea? And why would the photographer not just say no!?

  4. catlady63 says:

    AWKWARD doesn’t begin to cover it. And they need bigger, fluffier cats. The cat on the left KNOWS how humiliating this is going to be when his people post it; just look at that face!

  5. Tricia says:

    Umm….I think they may need bigger cats….

  6. Zevon says:

    I hope they are naturists. If so, this may be their only source of winter warmth besides their brandy & fireplace!

  7. Babybel says:

    Where is PETA when you NEED them?

  8. Alice Polarbear says:

    I noticed, however, that both cats look awfully p’d-off. Those are NOT happy cat faces!

  9. kbh says:

    This picture weirded my out and left me speachless, but the comments are awesome! Now I’m off to re-do my makeup since I’ve cried it all off from laughing so hard.

  10. ohdear says:

    oh dear this is not what this site was inteded for I hope…

  11. donna says:

    Thank goodness, these cats are fat and fluffy…
    and the humans look like they are grateful that they are..
    It sure takes guts to send this picture around the world..
    But what the hay! Life is good

  12. Holly says:

    Ummmmmmmmm wow.I guess thats why its called AKWARD family photoes!!!

  13. cas b says:

    make. it. stop.

  14. Kathryn says:

    This takes exposure to pet hair to a whole new level……whatever tickles your fancy I guess. Gotta luv animal lovers in all their glory……..

  15. Jessica says:

    i feel sorry for the ctas :L

  16. Happy Snapper says:

    Great photo, you dared to be different, some people are just too serious to be alive, they should ask themselevs, “when was the last time I had fun”.

  17. rei says:

    Like a horrific car crash, dont want to look but cant help to do so …. roflmfao ……..

  18. Jim says:

    This is wrong on levels of wrong, That I was sure didnt exist

  19. Martha says:

    oooooooooooooh man this is so wrong.. but the woman’s face looks familiar (yep that scares me too).

  20. MrsFun says:

    Who besides me is really, really grateful that those cats are obese?

  21. Kimber says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. Are there really people like that out there?

  22. TomTheCat says:


  23. Nick says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to wear your cat as clothes, or to hold it against your naked body.

  24. KK says:

    LOL Dont they have laws agianst that

  25. sarah says:

    I was on board with this picture until I saw the old man’s nipple.

  26. Kl says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Why would anyone want to share this photo for us to view? This photo should have been put in a locked safe at home so even company won’t see it. The poor photographer. MERCY!!!

  27. shooter says:

    I retired as a professional photographer. Just in time apparently.

    Thank you Lord!!

  28. ricky says:

    …W…T….F………….that doesnt even start to show how …….wow……. this is weird……and yes this is all i can say…..WFT….and…wow……just wow

  29. Grace says:

    Those cats don’t look very happy…

  30. sierra says:

    wow IN-A-PROP-TE-IT! xD lol wow just… WOW! i have NEVER in my life seen anything like this!

  31. Georgia says:

    These nice folks donated their clothing at the office for a Bud Lite. It was for a good cause. They simply forgot they had a photo shoot that afternoon.

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  33. Carla says:

    No man deserves that much pussy.

  34. Chelsea says:

    This is my favorite picture in the whole wide world! thanks for the picture idea, you guys! hahahaha

  35. Jessica says:

    this is… very weird. i work at a photography studio where we do romantic work and never…. ever…. has this been requested. yay.

  36. AP says:

    pet my kitty

  37. vp10 says:

    this is funny :=)

  38. Alex says:

    Thank God for huge, fluffy cats.

  39. JaneyDear says:

    Gloriously awful. Laughed until my eyes melted. Sorry folks but this truly magnificent site is doing nothing to dispel the British preconception that these things ‘could only happen in America!’ but that’s probably because we’re all prudes over here. My Dad’s reaction to this one, as a retired vet, is unrepeatable but he always said 90% of his job was treating the owners, 10% the animals. Think this only proves it. Keep up the good work!

    • Marie says:

      Oh please, we’re not prudes. We’re deviants. After all, we came up with the word! This could very well of happened here in the UK. Either way, it’s humorous & off.

  40. The Great Excelcior says:

    This is why I never took photography past a hobby. Remember… the photographer saw the whole enchilada…uh, so to speak.

    • Debbie says:

      I seriously hope…for MULTIPLE reasons…that this one was set up and taken by the subjects. REALLY….. I would NOT want to be known as the photographer that took this. I think I would have ran screaming when I saw what they had in mind.

      • Eve says:

        Where’s your sense of humour? They probably all had a good laugh! (Well, maybe not the cat on the left, but the other one looks pretty chilled.)

  41. Julia 2 says:

    I just… what? Who would… WHAT? I think we just sprinted past the funny line into creepy territory. These people need help.

  42. Lydia says:

    Wow. This one redefined awkward.

  43. Jennifer says:

    this is so wrong for so many reasons I don’t want to look anymore…yikes

  44. Julia says:

    oh dear. that’s just wrong.

  45. Bips says:

    I’m a fairly whacko sort of animal person myself, (i.e. my boyfriend and I provide dialogue between our dogs), and my reaction to some of these photos is to blush and think, “Oh shit, you’re a weirdo too.” However this photo makes me feel much more at ease. Thanks, weird cat people.

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