The Visitor

December 22nd, 2011

The Visitor - Pets

“While it was nice to have a cat door for the cats, our food was disappearing at an alarming rate.”

(submitted by Bess)

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  1. Ann-Marie says:

    Today’s pet door visitor at my house was a cockroach!

    Here in the south we have water roaches. They live outside, but are perfectly happy to explore you house, and if you have goodies and/or water within reach, you’re doomed.
    Fortunately, my corgi Faye is an ace bug hunter, and we both saw it enter. Oh, and they are HUGE!

    I guess I’d better seal up that little hole at the bottom of the pet screen.

  2. Cindy says:

    I love this! So cute!

  3. PC says:

    I house sat for my brother many years ago. He had 2 cats and a kitty door for them go in and out. One night, the cats and I were in the living room and could hear the kitty door flap in the kitchen. I got up to investigate and saw almost exactly what’s in the pic (except Mr. Raccoon also had a paw in as well.) Once he saw me, he backed out quickly!

  4. FlonkertonChamp says:

    i have the same problem, and even worse, one of my cats looks very much like a raccoon, especially at a quick glance. it’s very unnerving. i’ll walk into the kitchen and say “aww, hi giann– YOU ARE NOT GIANNI!”

  5. Vicious Kitten says:

    This happened at my house too!!!!! I heard the cat door flap but didn’t see my cat come into the living room. So I lean over & look out into the laundry room, there was a huge raccoon giving me a funny look. I kinda jumped back cause it startled me. So he takes off out the cat door. At least we found out why we kept finding holes in the dog food bag.

  6. ScoutC says:

    Ha! Is this Willie? Hubby’s cousin’s dog went for a swim in the muddy creek behind their house, then used the doggie door to enter a neighbor’s house where he shook off the dirty, muddy water all over their kitchen. Neighbors were not amused.

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