Come Together

December 13th, 2011

Come Together - Celebs

A reminder from Jorge Santini, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico to come together in harmony and peace.

(submitted by Angel in Puerto Rico)

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  1. Brad says:

    You look at these photos from top, middle, then to the bottom and what do you get? The little diva her arm propped on the killer leopard.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love the little diva in the front, almost as is she is not even part of the family but photo shoped in (high possability0 and the mother facial expression is priceless!

  3. Kathster says:

    The best part of this photo is the little girl who clearly enjoys being the center of attention. She’s like a little diva-in-training.

  4. ???? says:

    …I swear, people are so easily offended nowadays. They exaggerate the hell out of it into the most extreme example and then scold you for not agreeing. This is normal in nature. Since when is nature offensive? I personally, found this rather mild. But funny.

  5. Milann says:

    Honestly you all need to lighten up!! I think it’s hilarious!

  6. Starz says:

    Some of you need to lighten up! This is supposedly a “HUMOR” site. If you can’t see the humor and feel the need to be critical, then maybe you should go visit your local dog pound or meat packing factory, then your criticism would be justified. Alot of these photos aren’t even real.

  7. Taina says:

    Folks settle down! This is clearly a Photo shop… Not REAL. There are other pictures floating around of the same family with different other background set up. So don’t FREAK out so fast…It’s good work done by a computer :)) Sorry didn’t mean to spoil it for all of you. LOL

  8. Al Anon says:

    Night at the Museum or Christmas?

  9. Feline says:

    Disgusting? Not so much. Surreal? Off the freakin charts!!!

  10. lunarmagpie says:

    If they wanted to show off their taxidermy on their Christmas card, it seems like a cute, cuddly stuffed animal might have been more appropriate… that would still be strange for those of us who prefer our animals living and breathing, but maybe not quite as creepy as a predator devouring its prey in front of the family… and less likely to create nightmares in the children…

  11. ed says:

    Well, the problem is that this is suppose to be a Christmas message to his fellow citizend and the majority of the puertorricans are Christians. It not only their faith but also part of their culture. Insensitive, disgusting! This is not the occasion to display such a displau.

  12. Marina says:

    I actually think that the picture is beautiful. This is nature at its’ finest.

    • camper says:

      you got to be kidding. would you like to see picture with the leopard attacking the mayor?

      • lilium says:

        ‘You’ve’ got to be kidding, camper, you honestly don’t see a difference there? Let’s see…well for one, the mayor is HUMAN! And, secondly, the gazelle is a wild animal (who is eaten by other animals in the real world – not some fantasy la-la land where all animals are vegetarians).

  13. kathleen says:

    -What a beautiful mount! -excellent taxidermy work; – my family and I found this picture quite normal-lol- we live in Alaska and have a modest “museum” in our house filled with Dall sheep, bear,wolverine,wolf, that we have hunted and trapped;we eat mostly wild game; the lifesize Kodiak brown bear has been a great feature in our Christmas pictures in years past. -Merry Christmas!! :)

    • camper says:

      you live in alaska? that’s why you founded this picture normal because you kill the animals too, it would have been nice to see oposite picture leopard attacking the mayor

  14. Santa says:

    Those are just two more of his beloved children. His favorite two, actually!

  15. Rafael says:

    Here is the picture of the mayor of San Juan PR & the Santini family wishing you a Feliz Navidad along with a stuffed leopard devouring a very tasty gazelle. UKA-CHAKA-CHAKA-CHAKA, UKA-CHAKA-CHAKA-CHAKA.

  16. Tammi says:

    This is soooo inappropriate – unbelievable! Nothing like poor taste and cruely to animals commercialised.

  17. Dew Darlin says:

    Hunting season … the season to be jolly … it’s all good!

  18. anon says:

    There’s so many weird things about this photo I can’t decide what not to laugh at.

  19. Deb Demers says:

    It should have been put on the card to clarify what was going on, but this was his way of promoting /supporting San Juan Wildlife Musem.

  20. DeeDee says:

    The bright side of this whole thing is that if Jorge Santini’s political career ever ends he can manage the little girl’s (on the bottom left) future career as a contortionist! Look how far she can turn her neck! (Or else I need to get to a chiropractor stat!)

  21. JR says:

    This same pic is one of the current pics at the other site. Awkward Family photos.

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