The guinea pig didn’t think it was art.

(submitted by Eugene)

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Saturday Night Special: Neckwarmer

She was having a bad rat day.

(submitted by Jayna)

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Catch Of The Day

Catching fish is too easy… he needed a real challenge.

(submitted by Alexandria)

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Staring Contest 2

The squirrel blinked.

(submitted by Marilyn)

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Behind The Awkwardness: Petpourri

“This is a photo of my family and its menagerie (ferret, snake, cat, dog) circa 1985. Less than a year later, we added a pig to the mix, and our childhood also included at various points a goat, raccoons, iguanas, chameleons, ponies, mice, rats, too many small lizards to count and at least one bird that was killed by a ferret.

The best parts of this picture are the expression of sheer misery on my then 14-year-old sister’s face, and the averted look of embarrassment worn by Missy, the matriarch Labrador.”

(submitted by Will)

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