Rainbow Brite

For the record– horses do not believe in unicorns.

(submitted by Genevieve & her horse Matador)

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The Horsette

And this one was just right.

(submitted by Rukario in Australia)

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Smile It’s 2012!

“Just after a cold March 2006 blizzard on our acreage in Remsen, Iowa, I put scarfs on my horses Flash, Piper & Magic. They then were looking at me with my camera & Piper smiled real big! Guess she’s glad for her home, friends, & winter scarfs!”

(submitted by Jessica)

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There’s A Horse on The Couch

There’s also a pillow of a horse on the couch.

(submitted by Sam)

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Horseplay 2

He wasn’t interrupting anything, was he?

(submitted by Heather)

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