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Toucan Sam

Toucan Sam - Vacation

These parrots have found their Margaritaville.

(submitted by Chris)

In Vacation • February 20th, 2010 • 95 Comments »

Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops - Vacation

“This is a picture of me, my parents, and my older brother. Immediately after deporting the plane in the Dominican Republic, they put you in front of a camera with two cabana girls and try to get you to buy the picture. We were clearly not ready for this much excitement. But, we bought it anyways because of our hilarious expressions.”

(submitted by Tina)

In Vacation • December 1st, 2009 • 46 Comments »

I’m Not With Them

I’m Not With Them - Vacation

Guess who didn’t want to see The Karate Kid?

(submitted by Jo)

In Vacation • November 29th, 2009 • 37 Comments »

It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green - Babies

While this dad was trying to teach his daughter a valuable lesson, this actually does nothing for the environment.

(submitted by Weez)

In Babies • August 6th, 2009 • 201 Comments »

Shot Through The Heart

Shot Through The Heart - Engagement

Sometimes cupid needs more firepower.

(submitted by anonymous)

In Engagement • August 4th, 2009 • 94 Comments »


Handyman - Solo Shots

A jazz-hands inspired burn.

(submitted by Nick)

In Solo Shots • July 17th, 2009 • 96 Comments »

Venus de Mom

Venus de Mom - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

As always, it’s all about Mom.

(submitted by Meryl)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • June 2nd, 2009 • 99 Comments »
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