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Elephantitis - Solo Shots

It was the logical outcome.

(submitted by Kim)

In Solo Shots • June 1st, 2013 • 4 Comments »

Jeckyll & Hyde

Jeckyll & Hyde - School Photos

A really bad case of split ends.

(submitted by Stacy)

In School Photos • May 27th, 2013 • 12 Comments »

Facial Hair

Facial Hair - Teens

Not seeing is believing.

(submitted by Dave)

In Teens • March 24th, 2013 • 8 Comments »

The Hive

The Hive - Kids

What goes up must stay up.

(submitted by Angie & retouched by Katie McCranie)

In Kids • March 23rd, 2013 • 13 Comments »

Take Me Higher

Take Me Higher - Family Portrait

“My dad’s family.”

(submitted by AJ)

In Family Portrait • January 30th, 2013 • 29 Comments »

She Bangs

She Bangs - Behind The Awkwardness

“The day before school pictures 1984 my mom was complaining that I wore black too often (all the time). So after making myself beautiful on school picture day I grabbed an old white sweater vest out of her closet and wore it to school. She still was not pleased with my school photos. Wonder why?”

(submitted by Mara)

In Behind The Awkwardness • January 24th, 2013 • 45 Comments »


Permilicious - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“Mom, grandma, and aunt with fresh perms.”

(submitted by Michael)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • December 23rd, 2012 • 27 Comments »
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