Zipper - Siblings


Seems like these two siblings could both teach each other a valuable lesson.

(submitted by Deborah)

The Gun Show - Family Portrait

The Gun Show

This family also believes strongly in the right to bear farmers’ tans.

(submitted by Sierra)

The Space Between - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Space Between

“My brother was fussing the whole portrait session, and my parents were getting frustrated as they were just trying to get one decent photo of the family. Finally, they threw their arms in the air and told him to sit where he pleased. It was my brother’s decision to sit off to the side. As you can see from my smirk, I wasn’t upset about it. Considering how odd the picture turned out, I’m surprised my family selected to hang it in our home for all these years.”

(submitted by Yuri)

Supersized 2 - Babies

Supersized 2

See if you can find the twenty-three families in this photo.

(submitted by Vik)

Feel The Magic - Mom

Feel The Magic

Finally, something the whole family can agree on.

(submitted by Nancy B)

They’re Baaack… - Siblings

They’re Baaack…

And with a whole new attitude. Well, except for you, guy on the left. 

(submitted by Danny)

Boyz II Men - Family Portrait

Boyz II Men

Don’t judge them just because they’re judging you.

(submitted by John)

Pickpockets - AFP Hall Of Fame


You have to start somewhere.

(submitted by Jenny)

Roots - Graduation


It’s so great everybody could make it to graduation.

(submitted by Gina)

Supersized - Family Portrait


The whole family gathered around the man who started it all.

(submitted by JB)