Chains Of Love - Couples

Chains Of Love

A man needs to have his hobbies.

(submitted by Laura)

Can We Go Now? - Kids

Can We Go Now?

You can only eat so much dip.

(submitted by Habiba)

Home For The Holidays - Babies

Home For The Holidays


They’re coming.

(submitted by Annet)

The Hangover - Babies

The Hangover

It was my 1st birthday and apparently, while my mom brought guests to the door, I licked all the liquor glasses empty. After returning, she saw me falling backwards and passing out. The ambulance medic told her that I had consumed too much alcohol and sat me on the throne. Not too much has changed since then.”

(submitted by Beatrice)

Joy Division - Family Portrait

Joy Division

Sometimes when you’re happy and you know it, you don’t need to clap your hands.

(submitted by Nicole)

Eye Contact - AFP Hall Of Fame

Eye Contact

Has anyone seen Aunt Telcia?

(submitted by Nicole)

Twilight Zone - Black And White

Twilight Zone

A holiday pic that quite frankly, scares the crap out of us.

(submitted by Marissa)

Awkward Family Story: Sofa Shopping

When I was 15 my parents finished part of our basement to make a ‘hangout’ area for me to bring friends over. I couldn’t wait to be out of the eyeline of my parents so I could bring boys over and makeout. We were shopping for sofas and they asked me what I liked better, the sectional or a regular couch. I blurted out, “I like the sexual!” in front of the salespeople and my parents. Oh, it was so awkward.

(submitted by Stephanie)

There’s Plenty of Room on the Couch - AFP Hall Of Fame

There’s Plenty of Room on the Couch

But all the chairs are taken.

(submitted by Ben)