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On the Cob

On the Cob - Family Portrait

Mom wasn’t convinced that taking a pic in a cornfield was corny enough.

(submitted by Amanda)

In Family Portrait • June 18th, 2009 • 92 Comments »

In Hiding

In Hiding - Wedding

Nobody will ever see these inconspicuous nuptials.

(submitted by Samantha)

In Wedding • June 15th, 2009 • 70 Comments »

Chop Chop

Chop Chop - Family Portrait

In this family, nobody complains about Dad’s vacation itineraries.

(submitted by El Jackko)

In Family Portrait • June 15th, 2009 • 66 Comments »

Hay Season in Latvia

Hay Season in Latvia - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

A very rare case of farmer’s axe tan.

(submitted by Christine)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • June 11th, 2009 • 107 Comments »

City Slickers

City Slickers - Vacation

Fortunately, they brought fans.

(submitted By Caroline)

In Vacation • May 21st, 2009 • 48 Comments »
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