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Toilet Humor

Toilet Humor - Vacation

Disneyland was too unsophisticated.

(submitted by Marte)

In Vacation • February 23rd, 2012 • 24 Comments »

Shades Of Gray

Shades Of Gray - Black And White

If you’re happy and you know it, stare us down.

(submitted by Milda in Lithuania)

In Black And White • February 17th, 2012 • 65 Comments »

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Here’s Looking at You, Kid - Family Portrait

“Photo c.1962. Note that there are actually 4 people in this photo, count the shoes. The kid in the back with the single eye visible, is my father.”

(submitted by Andrew in Norway)

In Family Portrait • June 9th, 2009 • 118 Comments »
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