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The Love Boat

The Love Boat - Vacation

This gentlemen appears to be very proud of his shipmates.

(submitted by Dan)

In Vacation • July 21st, 2009 • 168 Comments »


Giftwrapped - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

A novel idea for re-gifting.

(submitted by Ivette)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • July 20th, 2009 • 101 Comments »


Strawbreros - Family Portrait

Who doesn’t look at home with a straw nest on their head?

(submitted by Julie)

In Family Portrait • July 16th, 2009 • 100 Comments »

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy - Birthdays

Another tedious birthday moment brought to you by Chuck E. Cheese!

(submitted by Mollie)

In Birthdays • July 10th, 2009 • 126 Comments »


Nosedance - Engagement

So close, but yet, so very close.

(submitted by anonymous)

In Engagement • July 9th, 2009 • 79 Comments »

Cabbage Pat

Cabbage Pat - Family Portrait

“This photo was taken in August 1984. I was 10 and my sister was 13 (although she looks 40). The Cabbage Patch Kid was Emalia Arlene, and I swear she never left my freaking side. With my boy haircut, huge glasses, and braces, I look like such a mess.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

In Family Portrait • July 8th, 2009 • 124 Comments »

Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool - Siblings

Just two guys chillaxing in Amish Country.

(submitted by Doug)

In Siblings • July 8th, 2009 • 133 Comments »
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