Baby Get Back - Babies

Baby Get Back

Dad thought the backpack felt a lot lighter.

(submitted by Kat)

The Enthusiasts - Family Portrait

The Enthusiasts

Nothing complements the beauty of mother nature quite like a semi-automatic weapon.

(submitted by anonymous)

Touchy - Family Portrait



Sometimes, affection is a one-way street.

(submitted by Alex)

Faceoff #2 - Family Portrait

Faceoff #2

Susan would have had no idea there was any tension if it wasn’t for the burning sensation on either side of her head.

(submitted by Susan)

Pop Your Collar - Family Portrait

Pop Your Collar

This family keeps every day casual.

(submitted by Cait)

Vacation - Vacation


Something tells us an itinerary is involved here.

(submitted by Alissa)

Pin the Tail - AFP Hall Of Fame

Pin the Tail

“I took this photo of my mom and dad this past year. We didn’t notice the donkey’s doing the dirty in the background until it was already printed out.”

(submitted by Julie and originally posted at

Elephant in the Room - Family Portrait

Elephant in the Room

Check out their new show this fall on the WB.

(submitted by Mary)

Supersized 2 - Babies

Supersized 2

See if you can find the twenty-three families in this photo.

(submitted by Vik)

Feel The Magic - Mom

Feel The Magic

Finally, something the whole family can agree on.

(submitted by Nancy B)