The Almost Incredibles

June 9th, 2011

The Almost Incredibles - Family Portrait

“Me, my cousins and niece and nephew…This is our pic from our old comic convention days from back in 1981. These outfits were built for San Diego Con. Geeks rule.”

(submitted by Tony)

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  1. Spacegeek Nat says:

    Stop the hating! These guys are Late-70’s Epic! They’ve put in more effort here than so many today.


  2. ScreenTalker says:

    Don’t act like you never dressed up for Halloween! This right here is the genesis of Cosplay. Slow clap.

  3. Beef says:

    They look really happy. Not awkward at all.

  4. conejitoasesino says:

    I’m sorry but this is awesome! I got everyone except Corsair. And i think bottom left is Polaris not the Scarlet Witch. She’s got that Shi’ar style collar on.
    and that’s probably why I’m still single. Someday I’ll find a Magneto of my very own. *sigh*

  5. SeptimusPrime says:

    These guys RULE!! Screw the haters, they look like they’re having the best time. This is clearly late 70’s early 80’s (Dark Phoenix, Starjammers) when all the real world knew about comics was Donner’s Superman. Props to them for going obscure. Corsair!?!? Are you kidding me? The lady on the bottom is probably Scarlet Witch but might be Deathbird or Lilandra, would make more sense next to Corsair.

  6. Malithion says:

    This is just so bad, on so many levels. Yike.

  7. Alex says:

    The preliminary photo shoot for X-Men First Class.

  8. Cara says:

    Is it geeky when you can identify all the Marvel Comic characters, even when the costumes are awesomely bad?

  9. Shan says:

    I thought they were the characters from Yo Gaba Gaba.

  10. Jennifer A says:

    I’m cracking up from this photo!!!
    bahaha! Tears falling … from .. eyes … from laughter!!

  11. Fanboy Wife says:

    So, I know they’re supposed to be superheroes, but I don’t know what ones they are supposed to be.

  12. Whole Lotta Draculas says:

    I think that lady there is either Clea, Dr. Strange’s girlfriend, or an early Psylocke which would keep the X-Men theme… but it really looks more like a Clea.

  13. Uncuw Biww says:

    you know, this almost makes me appreciate my own parents!

  14. Emily says:


  15. Jphill says:

    Is it his helmet or does the “magneto” guy have a nice head tilt going on?

  16. armin says:

    akward, but AWESOME!

    I wish I was in this picture.

  17. John III says:

    How did he find a Corsair costume??

    • Sara says:

      He didn’t “find” it my man. This was back when true fans MADE their own costumes, and we’re more openly mocked, and there was only ONE Comicon!

  18. Rattrap007 says:

    Ok see The Pheonix, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Corsair, but who is the girl in front supposed to be?

  19. TellULater says:

    The Phantasmagorical Five are poised to save mankind from… er…

  20. Clint says:

    …but just in the nick of time, THE MUSTACHE arrives, the tires of his ’79 Olds Cutlass screeching to a halt! While the Sammy Hagar tape blares in the stereo, THE MUSTACHE, fists flying like a dervish, thwarts yet another dastardly deed!

    “Drat!” cry the Bad Guys. “Foiled again!”

  21. Suki says:

    the original power rangers!

  22. chiefscribe says:

    That’s Resurrection Fern on the tree behind them.

  23. MadCalicoJess says:

    They are all smiling too much for accurate cosplay of their characters.

  24. thescousewife says:

    Is it just me or does the guy with the mustache remind you of Mike Stivic (“Meathead”) from Archie Bunker? Looks like a fun group!

  25. Alan says:

    X-Men: Worst Class

  26. Amber says:

    To me, the most awkward part of this photo is the fact that its missing the bottom half? Why are they cut off at the neck??? I wanna see the rest of their costumes! GRR!

  27. John says:

    He even has the Corsair stache! Nice job.

  28. Analisa Tamara says:

    These people are all adults. Old enough to know better!

  29. Don says:

    Barbie Bangs- impervious to high winds due to copius amounts of Aqua-Net
    Ken Fu- no real superpower but able to keep up with any 80’s cardio workout tape
    The Purple Bullet- unable to be distracted by little old ladies wanting to kiss or squeeze his cheek
    Sandy Peterson- stand in Elvira-Mistress of the Darkness actress (actually not part of this group but was asked to sit in for the 5 person discount offered by the photographer)
    The Eustachian Tube- can only bench press 30lbs, but can hear a mosquito 2 miles away

  30. LKT says:

    Whoa! Is that a Vulcanized Smurf? Live long and eat smurfberries: Yum!

  31. Tim S says:

    Thank heaven you’re here, Captain Headband!

  32. Patinkin says:

    These are all X-Men or X-Men-related characters!

    STILL awkward, though; no doubt..!

  33. fanboi says:

    Holy crap, a Corsair costume.

  34. Jeff says:

    It’s The Awkwardibles! RUN!!!!!!!

  35. Gardenwife says:

    With the fake backdrop behind them, this is epic. I love it!

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