Hilarious Mum Scaring Montage

June 12th, 2015

“A selection of hilarious reactions to me being a pain in the (insert) through the years using various techniques… She loves watching them back.”

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5 Responses to “Hilarious Mum Scaring Montage”

  1. Vikki H says:

    Thanks for making my day

  2. GimpyKat says:

    OMG!! I was crying laughing at this! I hate being the one scared like that, but I find it one of the funniest things when it’s done to other people.

  3. Neenja says:

    …I’m totally dying over here,lol….FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!

  4. Christine says:


  5. Tim C. says:

    That woman is remarkably easy to scare. Also, good to know that her go-to phrase is, “For God’s sake!”

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