The Pets Episode!

October 5th, 2012

59 Responses to “The Pets Episode!”

  1. Eddie B. says:

    Choo wanna see how good dees gun werks?

  2. tamar feast says:

    “a bird in the hand is worth a stab in the bush”

  3. Eddie B. says:

    When the Columbian drug lords discovered Hootie was a canary, it was all over.

  4. Troy J says:

    In a last-ditch effort to win, the Presidential candidate and running mate shamelessly appealed to the NRA, PETA, and undecided voters from the Ozarks.

  5. Teague P. says:

    Say hallo to my little friend… His name is Paulie.

  6. Angel Correa says:

    Horation Sanz: Amy? Do you think people have realized this is from one our long lost SNL skits?
    Amy Poehler: Shhh…just keep holding the parrot; don’t mess up my chances to get one of those AFP books!

  7. Lyndsay says:

    Bayoneted, sighted rifle? $499. Pirate’s Parrot? $199. His & Hers matching Blu-Blockers? $10.99. Second honeymoon in Colombia? Priceless.

  8. Sam M says:

    Caption for the pic of girl with weapon, guy with parrot : if you love something set it free, then I will use my scope to shoot it and filet it with my bayonet

  9. Stephanie Davis says:

    For next time he leaves the toilet seat up…

  10. NYCDEANNA says:

    “Why do I have to hold this stinking bird, she don’t even know how to use that thing!”

  11. BC says:

    Polly was tired of crackers……bring on the big game!

  12. Stacy H. says:

    “Say hello to our leetle friends…and my Sears catalog velour sweatjacket”

  13. Jen says:

    Caption: “Polly hated that he had to rely on humans to hold his weaponry.”

  14. Charity says:

    She wears the pants in this relationship and he just gets crapped all over.

  15. Karrie says:

    “A love of hunting, 4-h, fowl and dungeons and dragons make for mighty fine photography to share with the kin folk”

  16. Steve says:

    “Okay, guys – sharp things in the front, dull ones in the back!”

  17. Steve says:

    She said she was angry at someone. Mama said “shoot him the bird then”.

  18. K. Dunn says:

    “Guess what you’re having for dinner tonight, dear…”

  19. Erin Short says:

    “You should see what they did with the dog!”

  20. Aleesha says:

    We know who wears the pants in that house.

  21. Christi VB says:

    The parrot’s just back up.

  22. Christi VB says:

    The parrot’s just back-up.

  23. Wowzer says:

    “I’ll let you hold mine if you let me hold yours.”

  24. Michael says:

    Who needs clay pigeons?!?

  25. Krystle says:

    This bird’s moment of clarity on why they kept calling her “Exotic Game”.

  26. norm hoover says:

    One more squawk and that bird is going to be shot and skinned.

  27. Silvia says:

    “It´s a jungle in here.”

  28. John says:

    If you love your parrot set it free, … If it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and shoot it.

  29. Brody says:

    Polly want an AK-47?

  30. Debbie says:

    We can’t see since our glasses are so dark, so we brought along our seeing eye parrot!

  31. Jason Hudson says:

    “It’s a funny story…we met online!”

  32. Wendy Jane says:

    Say hello to my little friend.

  33. Joyce says:

    A bird in the hand, easily worth 2 in the bush, but that doesn’t mean she won’t try for two.

  34. Beth L. says:

    John and Mary bonded over their mutual love of animals with just one difference: John liked to hold them OUTSIDE of his stomach.

  35. Valli says:

    Only 48 days til Thanksgiving!

  36. Matty J says:

    Finally, Doris and Bill shared the beautiful and confusing secrets to a long marriage and fulfilling love life. Don’t judge them!

  37. Mark says:

    For several years, they trained poly in the art of combat.

  38. Kross says:

    That day, Lil’ Petey vowed to be the worlds best behaved parrot.

  39. Catherine says:

    Jim was so pleased that Sue had liked her birthday present so much- his taxidermy business had really taken off as a result.

  40. Mim P says:

    Sometimes Polly gets out of hand.

  41. Zma says:

    Their Transitions lenses are malfunctioning so I can understand the need for a laser sight on their dagger, but that falcon really doesn’t look right.

  42. Cait says:

    Polly never stood a chance.

  43. ron thompson says:

    Every American has the right to bear feathers.

  44. Janet says:

    Gabe and Julie pose with Polly who is credited with single handedly fending off Gabe & Julie’s would be attackers. Photo taken hours after Polly was found not guilty of illegal possession of a firearm.

  45. hb says:

    Looks like they’ll be shooting us the bird.

  46. Kayla says:

    In 2008 Seth Rogen did Pineapple Express, in 2009 Danny McBride summarized it.

  47. Laura says:

    Polly want a cracker …. or else.

  48. Jason G. says:

    You didn’t think we bagged such a fine bird with just a cracker, did you???

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