Michael Bay’s newest disaster movie.

AFP Holiday Tribute

Music and lyrics by the one and only Jamie Cowperthwait. Order your copy of the AFP Holiday Book today!

Recreating The Awkwardness: Rythym Nation

“In 1990, we went to a booth in the mall to get filmed in front of a greenscreen. We got to pick the song and the background . 21 years later, we remade it… shot for...

Cats In Space

Congratulations to the brilliant Nick and Jake Schleicher from “Cat In Space” and our Awkward Family Pet Photos book for this awkward interview.

The Thanksgiving Letter: Marney Speaks!

After years of trying, the real Marney finally agreed to sit down and talk to AFP about her famous Thanksgiving Letter. Click here to read the FULL Thanksgiving Letter!  

Happy Halloween from AFP!

Order the new AFP Holiday Book here!  

Awkward Pets Video

Bar Mitzvah: The Show!!!

Sam wanted the ceremony to feel a little less religious.